Avital (kiteteraton) wrote in newsies100,

I know it's past the dealine, but reading the last entries has proven to me that the last time anything's been posted here was...April.

So I have a "Musicals" drabble. I can't believe this hasn't been done yet. SkyMasterson!Race? Come on...

Drabble Character: Racetrack
Newsie: Dutchy
Rating: G
"Whatsa matter, Race? Nobody told the horse? Again?"
"Oh, funny. Real funny, Cowboy. You know that I coulda' done it if I'd have--"
Jack fumbled in his pocket and found a pair of dice.
"What's that for?"
"'Think ya still got what it takes?"
Racetrack took the dice. He was desperate to prove to Jack that he still had the touch. A couple of not-so-hot days at the track had cost his reputation big time, and he wasn't happy.
He was determined. That was Race, short and stubborn.
He kissed the dice and whispered.
"Luck be a lady tonight."
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