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woohoo! the community lives!

I am certainly not writing and posting in class. No no no no no. Thank god for wireless.

Title: Harmonica
Newsie: Blink
Pairing: Sprace (kinda?)
Rating: G

They sit side by side on the dock, and Racetrack is playing harmonica while Spot smokes a cigarette. "What're we doing, here?" Race finally asks, lowering the instrument.
"I dunno. Just playin' around, I guess," Spot says, flicking the end of his cigarette into the water and brushing his hand against Race's. But Race pulls his hand away.
"That all this is? Just some kinda game?"
"A game, sure."
"I don't wanna play. I want something real. No games."
"Your loss, then." Spot doesn't argue, he just stands and leaves.
Race puts he harmonica to his lips and plays again.

Title: The Old Ballgame
Newsie: Blink
Pairing: Blink/someone (unspecified)
Rating: G

"Take me out to the baaaaaaaallgaaaaaaaaaame--"
"Blink, I will kill you."
"Take me out with the crooooooowd--"
"Kill. Possibly with a baseball bat."
"Buy me some peanuts and crack-er-jack, I don't care if I never come back! 'Cause it's--"
"Is there any chance of you getting knocked unconscious by a foul ball in these seats?"
"—for the home team, if they don't win it's a shame--"
"God, people are staring, Blink, shut up."
"--Cause it's one, two, three strikes you're out--"
"Christ. I give up. You're completely impossible."
"In the old baaaaaaaaaaaaaaall gaaaaaaaaaaaaame!"
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