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Newsies Drabbles
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This is a community devoted to writing 100 word drabbles for the movie Newsies, based around a weekly challenge. Drabbles not based on the challenges are also encouraged (and more than encouraged!), but will not win points for your favorite newsie.

The rules

-Slash, gen, and het allowed, in all ratings.

-Only canon characters allowed. NO ORIGINAL CHARACTERS.

-Anything above PG-13 should be behind an LJ-cut.

-To earn points for your favorite newsie, each drabble must be exactly 100 words and be based around the week's challenge. Don't forget to specify which newsie you want to get the point!

-The challenge ends Saturday night and the new challenge begins Sunday. Please no late submissions.

-At the end of the week, before the posting of the new challenge, points will be counted and announced.


This isn't necessary, but it would be best to follow this template when posting:

Newsie: (Which one gets the point)
Pairing: (If there is one and you'd like to tell)
Author Notes: (If any)


Remember to have fun and win points for your favorite newsie!


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