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Title: Madam Libraaaaaaaaarian
Newsie: David
Pairing: Javid
Rating: G
Notes: I am on SUCH CRACK. Good Lord. (It's The Music Man, by the by.)

The two old friends leaned back against the stable.

“So what’s the verdict, Race?”

“Piece of cake, Jack. River City’s as green as the dough you’re gonna take for them.”

Jack grinned. “Just what I like to hear.”

“Boys’ bands.” Race shook his head. “Genius, Jacky-Boy, how’d you think of that?”

“I’m a professional, Racetrack. So there’s no one to blow the whistle on the sale?”

“Well…” Race chewed his lip. “…There is this librarian. Jacobs.”

Jack scoffed. “She’ll be no problem. Just gotta turn on the old Kelly charm…”

“David. He’s a he, Jack.”

Jack grinned again. “Even better.”
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