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Only 3

Such a bad week for this challenge. If I had more time, I'd have written 87 trillion. But alas, finals...

Title: A Good Headline
Newsie: Racetrack
Pairing: None
Rating: G

None of the newsies could believe the headline that they’d gotten that day. Here it was, 1901, and this was quite possibly the best headline that they’d ever seen. They ran out, screaming it on the top of their lungs. “Czolgosz, working man from Michigan assassinates President McKinley! McKinley dead at the tower of light in Buffalo!”
None of the newsies really cared that the president was dead; just that it would help them sell more papers than they had ever sold before. Watching the faces of those who bought papers, and the tears, they knew that something just broke.

Title: Maybe
Newsie: Racetrack
Pairing: None
Rating: G

Boots looked out the window of the Hudson Street Lodging House. He spent most of his time sitting there, thinking about the family that he was sure would come back for him some day. He knew that they really wanted him, it was just that something had stopped them from being able to take care of him. They would be the perfect family. He was sure his mother would make him a closet of clothes. He clutched the half of the locket that his mother had given him so long ago. One day they would come back for him. Maybe…

Title: Lodging house of horrors
Newsie: Racetrack
Pairing: Specs/Dutchy
Rating: G

“What is that thing, Specs?” Dutchy asked upon seeing the plant that Specs had brought back into the lodging house. It wasn’t the first time that Specs had brought back a strange and unusual plant. They were his hobby.
“I don’t know,” Specs answered. “This weird man in Chinatown sold it to me during that total eclipse of the sun. I call it the Dutchy 2."
“The Dutchy 2?” Dutchy repeated, and then beamed at Specs.
The plant flopped over into exhaustion, and Specs sighed. He had no idea how to help this. What did it want from him, blood?
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