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I can't believe I'm actually posting this. Eek.

Based loosely off of Les Mis. Not meant to be taken at all seriously, though a hundred words isn't quite enough words to capture the ridiculousness inherent in Cosette/Marius.

Title: I Saw Him Once
Newsie: David
Pairing:Marius/Cosette Jack/David
Rating: G

Lately, his life only revolved around the strike – with his father in jail and his mother dead, it had been the only thing worth fighting for, his job as a newsie the only thing that kept him alive, and so when the strike came around, he fought, blindly, passionately.

And then he saw David, all curls and blue eyes and shy smile, walking past the strike square. He saw the way David looked at him, and thought he must have seen an angel, there was no other explanation.

And much to the strikers’ annoyance, Jack forgot all about the strike.
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