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Points for David!

Hey, this comm's still around. Will wonders never cease.

Okay, so since the challenge isn't really over, I figure I can submit these puppies.

Title: Giantkillers, Inc.
Newsie: David
Pairing: Javid, although they're pretty platonic here (but they're really lovers, don't worry)
Rating: G
Author's Notes: I want to work for this company. Seriously. And I obviously need to draw their ad. And a comic detailing their wacky adventures.

“I still say we should just chop his beanstalk down.”

“This one doesn’t have a beanstalk, Jack. I vote slingshot.”

“You always vote slingshot.”

“That’s because it always works.”

“Not every problem can be solved with slingshot, you know.”

“Well, if your stupid singing harp hadn’t woken him up, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“Save your breath for running, Davey, he’s gaining.”

“This is the last time I listen to one of your bright ideas. ‘Go into business together. Kill giants for fun and profit.’ Ha!”

“Hey, it’s not all bad.”

“No? And why not?”

“We’re together, ain’t we?”

Title: A Kid and His Lamp
Newsie: David
Pairing: Blush
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Heh. Mushini.

Blink looked at the lamp. Too bad he didn’t have anything to light it with. Not much use having an unlit lamp in a cave.

…Was there writing on it? Blink peered closer and rubbed it. Without warning it began to spew smoke, jumping in his hands like a cricket. Suddenly the smoke coalesced into the shape of a boy Blink’s age, his arms folded across his bare chest.

“I am the Great Mushini, the jinn of the lamp,” the genie said. “I will grant you three wishes.”

Blink eyed Mushini’s torso. “I think my prayers have already been answered.”

Title: Love's First Kiss
Newsie: David
Pairing: Blush
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Do apples go bad?

As Mush entered the clearing he saw it; a glass coffin laid out on a golden pedestal, the other newsies surrounding it with bowed heads and quiet tears. He dismounted and walked towards the bier.

There lay Blink, pale and still in a shaft of sunlight. Mush’s heart leapt into his throat at the sight, and he blinked away treacherous tears. Holding his breath, he bent and kissed Blink, gently as swans down, on the slightly parted lips.

Blink’s eyes opened and found Mush’s. “Ow,” he said weakly.

Mush shook his head. “I told you that apple had gone bad.”

Title: Love's Second Kiss
Newsie: David
Pairing: Blush
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Oh, Blink, honey. When will you learn?

Mush staggered into the tower room, torn and bleeding from the thorns, and slightly singed from the battle with the dragon. Stepping over Jack and Race, who were dressed in guards’ uniforms and sound asleep on the floor, he approached the bed, where Blink lay absolutely still behind the canopies.

With a more than a touch of resentment, Mush dropped a drudging kiss on Blink’s lips. Blink’s eyes fluttered open. “I can explain,” he said immediately, upon seeing Mush.


“Yeah, I know, but the spindle was really shiny.”

Mush glared. “Next time, I’m just going to let you sleep.”
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